Give our children a green future!

We Do Not Inherit the Earth from Our Ancestors; We Borrow It from Our Children.

You always hear that your children are the future. Let's make the world that we all live in better by making more of a conscious effort to be green. Fortunately for our children, our society is becoming more and more aware of how our choices affect the air we breathe and the world we live in.

There are a multitude of ways that we can live our lives to not only make it more fulfilling, but to also ensure that our children and all future generations are able to enjoy this beautiful world. By making better choices, we can teach our children to do and choose better just by leading by example. What we put into our earth makes a difference just as much as how we use our earths resources.


Recycle, reuse. Take what is currently available to you and rather than just throw it away, where it gets dumped into massive landfills that take years to degrade, choose a different option. Many items that are considered trash can actually be reused and given new life. Especially for children, reuse household items by reinventing their use such as glass jars, paper toilet or towel rolls and even old magazines.

What cannot be reused, recycle. Luckily, there are lots of places that offer a drop-off area for recycling and homes are usually equipped with a recycling bin as well. Because technology is a part of our daily lives, electronics should be properly recycled instead of disposed.

Water Conservation

By making an effort to use water sparingly, we are able to conserve water. Some states in the United States and countries all over the world are in a drought, making it especially important to do you part in saving water. Install rain water collecting bins that can be used to water plants, or water only during certain times of the day. Refrain from letting water run necessarily or for long periods of time.


Teach your children the importance of using Earth's resources. By putting even a small garden in your backyard, you can teach your children how to grow your own food and how to conserve water all at the same time. This not only provides your children with a life lesson but it also gets them outdoors and away from the growing number of technologies available to keep children entertained.

Don't purchase, just experience

The greatest gift you can give any person, is an experience. Teaching children from a young age the value of experience life and the world they live in will ultimately push them away from being consumed by consumerism. This may help them become more aware of their choices and the impact that they make.